Frequently Asked Questions

What is a plated ou semi-jewelry?

It’s a jewelry manufactured by the same process as fine jewelry but instead of being cast with massive gold, it is cast with other metal alloy, ground and polished afterwards to receive several plating layers, including anti-allergic substance and a thick layer of a noble metal such as gold or silver.

How do I care for it?

In order to keep it always looking beautiful, it is recommended not to wear your jewelry when doing housework and to avoid contact with perfume, hair dye, cream, soap, tooth paste and chemical products in general.

Avoid repeated friction between the piece and another surface. This care avoids the piece plating to wear out; mainly in the lower part of a ring trim if the piece of jewelry happens to be a ring.

It is natural for higher oxidation to occur in the pieces used by people who transpire a lot, with higher level of uric acid or using special drugs.

Can I clean or polish it?

Cleaning with degreasing products and rinsing with running water is fine. Use a hair dryer to dry it since it helps restoring the gloss. If you want to polish it use a soft cloth.

Special remarks:

Regarding the natural stones, it is worth pointing out that they are special. It is common at times, to notice variation in the stone color from the sample shown on our web site.

Also, at times you may notice inclusions similar to cracks, on the surface of the stone(s), which creates a unique effect. Such characteristics are not defects but a touch of grace from Mother Nature, adding charm and character to your jewelry.